2013Jan 16

One of our forum super sleuths, neonsmiley, spotted a new 2013 Year of the Snake bear roaming Bearville and he snapped a quick photo for us.  Pretty cute for a snake, don’t you think?

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2013Jan 11

The 2nd annual Jr CybearGuide Convention is underway.  All Jr Cybearguides who log in will receive a JCBG Lanyard.  Each day you log in counts towards a grand prize, so make sure you log in daily!

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There are also tons of fun activities to participate in that grant prizes.  A visit to the food booth can earn you a star cookie.  You can also start a brand new star quest by clicking on the welcome desk.  Clicking on the desk itself will give you a brand new blue JCBG hoodie!  There are other previews and items that can be earned by exploring the room as shown below:

 Click the image to open in full size.

Finally, the highly regarded Claw Machine is back.  Playing regularly can earn you bear bills, fountain prizes OR rare items such as the JCBG Star Canopy Bed shown below:

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Good luck and enjoy the convention!


2013Jan 10

Build a Bear Workshop has released the highly anticipated Disney Princess Bear line.  The bears are now available for purchase online and in stores.  Whether you prefer Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty or Cinderella, you can purchase those and many more now.  There are also several new outfits available as well.  The bears retail from $23-61 USD depending on the style you select.  Which one is on your “must have” list?

Cinderella Happy Hugs Teddy




2012Oct 01

October has arrived and along with it comes the return of Halloween festivities to Bearville!  Pawlette is selling her costumes again and has the following styles available for purchase:  Spider, Mummy, Bird, Chicken, Medieval, Glitter Fairy, Ghost, Bumble Bee, Pointy Witch, Hero, Robot, Princess, Pirate, Cowboy and Ballerina. 

At the Lumbearyard, the Haunted House, Kooky Spooky Room and Kooky Spooky Den are all available.  There is also a cool Pumpkin Coach Ride available at Bearville Outfitters.  There is also a new seasonal weather available called “Raining Candy.”  Also, the Kooky Spooky Funhouse is open for business today.


2012Sep 13

Thank you to forum member christmas for letting us know about a great new quest available in the Furbulous Fashion District.  The quest is being offered to celebrate the new Sweet Smiles Bunny (shown below) which is now available online and in the stores in the U.K.  And yes, this is the UK version of the Shake It Up Bunny.  The quest itself has a great prize…your very own dance floor for your Cub Condo!  Once the bunny arrives in the fashion district, you will need to click on it to begin a quest to find musical notes all over Bearville.  Good luck!


2012Jun 28

How fun is this?!?  Build A Bear Workshop is now selling bears that light up!  The first two bears that are now available online are the Hot Lights Bear (in gray, shown below) and the Twinkle Toes Bear (in white, shown below.)  Make sure to keep your eye out for these new bears in Bearville.  Do you think they will twinkle or light up in the online game?



2012Jun 28

It’s that time of year again for all of you Bearville fans….Camp Happy Heart will be opening on July 1st!  There’s a banner up in Town Square.  Camp Happy Heart is always a fun, competitive time for Bearville Insider members.  This year there will be four teams:  Team ChloeRocks, Team GreenTracks, Team MiguelSunshine and Team AbbieBright.  There will also be a new quest available and other fun activities.  Be sure to check it out!


2012Jun 08

Build a Bear Workshop is currently sponsoring a sweepstakes during the month of June.  Thirteen lucky guests will win a trip for four for four days/three nights to a Beaches Family Resort in either Jamaica or Turks & Caicos.  The contest ends June 28th.  For entry details and official contest rules, please visit THIS link.  Good luck! 


2012May 29

If you haven’t already done so, make sure to visit Bearemy today.  He’s been giving away a free eagle trophy all Memorial Day weekend and today is the last day you can claim yours!


2012May 29

As several of our forum members have been reporting, there are several new items coming to the Bearville Outfitters store on June 1st.  Rumored items include a new “home away from home”…the cruise ship cabin.  There will also be some new clothing in the form of a mermaid outfit and a scuba outfit, as well as a brand new submarine ride.  Thanks to Nate the Cybearguide for previewing the sub for us below.