2008Oct 17

7 Furry Friends Now $10, New Brown Sugar Puppy!

by Justin · 1 comment

For those of you looking to do some early Holiday shopping, Build-a-Bear has the price of 7 Furry Friends set at $10 now!
These $10 animals are: Lil’ Vanilla Cub, Blue Cuddles Teddy, Kuddly Koala, Pink Cuddles Teddy, Lil’ Buttercream Cub, Lil’ Honey Cub and the new Brown Sugar Puppy!
New BABW Brown Sugar Puppy
We’ve also received word that on November 1st, along with the new virtual rides being available in the BABW stores, a holiday flyer will announce 4 bears whose prices will be dropped to $12 for the Holiday season, as well! There’s also some rumored news of a retirement: the Tabby Cat is on BABW’s list as the next retiree!

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  • Rebecca

    I have one too, she was my first build a bear I brought to life on 2/14/10

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