2008Oct 22

Ambassador of Bearville Campaigns Have Begun!

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As promised by the Bearville Times, the Ambassador of Bearville campaigns have begun today.  
The 3 candidates are: Bearemy, Brown Sugar Puppy and Pawlette Coufur! You’ll notice a few changes in Bearville referencing the election, which is on November 4th — coinciding with the U.S. presidential election! Here’s a picture of Bear University, all decorated for the election, even with a voting booth!
Bearville Voting Booth

All you need to do is visit each candidate, click on them, and click "Yes" to tell them you would like to promote their campaign.
Each one earns you an election promotion kit, with a sign for your yard, a flag for your house, and a t-shirt promoting your candidate! Here are pictures of each!
Bearemy is running for the Friendship Party.  His platform promises a new move to all Bearville citizens if he is elected Ambassador.
Brown Sugar Puppy is running for the Pawsome Party.  His platform promises to give an emoticon to every citizen of Bearville if he is elected Ambassador!
Brown Sugar Puppy Election Kit
Pawlette Coufur is running for the Furbulous Party.  Her platform promises every citizen of Bearville a new outfit if she is elected Ambassador.
Pawlette Election Kit
You can register to vote and pick up your voter registration card by clicking in the room next to the computer, shown below.
We also came across a surprise book!
Hal and Holly Preview Book
Clicking on it brought up a webpage that didn’t currently exist, but based on the URL, it is a preview of a book about Hal and Holly! Hal and Holly Moose are the holiday selections for Build-a-Bear.  
Here’s what Maxine had to say about Hal & Holly Moose during the Build-a-Bear earnings conference call on October 16th:

Another revolution in our holiday season plan is the launch of our first completely company-developed holiday storybook, plush characters and animated webisodes. The story chronicles the adventures of a brother and sister duo, Hal and Holly Moose, and their uplifting Christmas adventure. We’ve added a new entertainment component in the holiday tradition. Our first character development book and series of six animated webisodes, brief two-minute vignettes, that will begin airing on Build-A-Bearville on November 6th.
A webisode will launch each week and as a series, will reveal the story of Hal and Holly’s Christmas adventures. Both our book and webisodes build on our brand’s entertainment offerings and leverage a unique point of difference for our company – the fact that we have both real-world and virtual world experience platforms.
In addition, Hal and Holly will have their own micro sites, which will have viral components to develop the characters fully. Hal and Holly Moose are priced at $18 each, and when you purchase both for $36 the 52-page book is free. We last offered a non-licensed holiday animal at $18 in 2002. This is a tremendous value for our guests.

Things must not have been ready for the Attic’s debut this morning, so you all should have a Bear Mail announcing that the Attic won’t be available until tomorrow!

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