2008Oct 23

Attic Now Available, New Map in Bearville!

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A big change was made in Build-a-Bearville this morning, but I’ll get to that in a second.  Just as promised, the Attic is now available for purchase in the Lumbearyard.  It’s a very innovative feature in Bearville and you’re going to love it! One of the best parts is that it only costs 1,000 Bear Bills!

Here’s a picture of my Attic.  At first, I couldn’t figure out how to put my items in the attic, as the furniture button was missing.  That’s where the innovative part comes in.
Each "stack of stuff" is a storage container for certain types of inventory: clothing, furniture, special items, bear items, etc! Just click on the pile you want and drag your items to the designated area! Great, right?
Next, another update to Bearville that was discovered by Freya, we now have Bear Meters for our Furry Friends.  When your furry friend is out of your backpack, just click on them and you’ll see the Bear Meters for Hunger, Cleanliness and Sleepiness.  These meters are pretty common in most online worlds and those familiar with Webkinz will be right at home with the new feature, though I’ll be honest, I liked not having to take care of my pets all the time!
Finally, the big change that I’m sure you all noticed and are talking about: the new map in Bearville!! They’ve expanded the map, so there are no longer any pop-up areas and it looks like there’s a train, a waterfall and lots of trees for the expansion of Bearville.  Some of the graphics have changed, too, like the neighborhood! You can also now click directly on a building from the map to go there! How exciting!! Here’s a resized picture of the full map!
We also have a copy of the Bearville map in full size (LINK)!

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  • Myspencer123

    well i just purchased the attic a couple seconds ago and it doesnt work can you help me please :(

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