2008Oct 01

Autumn leaves, new items available in Bearville stores!

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Autumn is here, the leaves are falling and Buildabearville is getting ready for Halloween! 
Thanks for the heads up from LindaFriendly and KCFlyer’sMom!!
There are lots of additions today, check it out!!

Bear Boutique:
3 new costumes for your character and the same for your Furry Friend, pumpkin slippers, a ghost sculpture and batwing chair!

Bear Stuff Store:

Autumn Bouquet and Furniture!

Paulettes’s Coufur:

Witch Costume and a Rake (rake is 50 Bear Bills under purse/accessories)!

and my favorite…….Build a Jack-o-Lantern in front of your Cub Condo!

The barn is back too, although many were not able to enter early this morning.

Many were not able to trade items bought in the Bear Boutique, the hourglass just keeps spinning, we expect that to be fixed sometime throughout the day!

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  • JULES0

    i like the witch dress

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