2008Dec 11

BABV Birthday Suprises!

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Thank you to BI members kikichyna and bananascrazy for identifying the prizes being given out today.  First, in celebration of Build-a-Bearville’s 1st Birthday, make sure you log on and visit Bearemy, who is giving away a new party move!  Also, run by the Fashion District to claim your gift from Paulette: a One Year Anniversary T-shirt!  And finally, take the train up to the North Pole to claim your free gift from Holly who is giving away a scarf!  Special thanks to our own AmandaBearLove for providing the screenshots!
Also, dont forget that today, in celebration of BABV’s First Anniversary, you have unlimited plays at the Furtastic Fountain Game throughout the day!  It appears that each den gets to have unlimited play about two times an hour.  Play lasts for five minutes each time, and there seems to be roughly 25 minutes between each play time.  We have a tracking thread set up in the forum for members to share Fountain Time information:  http://www.bearvilleinsider.com/forum/showthread.php?t=15085

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