2008Nov 01

Bear Boutique Rooftop Now Open, Game Cards Available Online!

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Thanks to one of our forum users, Effy, for pointing out the new billboard in the Town Square in Build-a-Bearville! Clicking on it gives you access to the rooftop of the Bear Boutique! Thanks to addball1516 for showing us another furtastic way to get up on the rooftop — jumping on the trampoline!  You can see the girl here in the air, about to bounce on it! Our users have been trying to figure out how to get up there for ages, and now we finally can!

The rooftop is much like the Coffee Shop rooftop, though without such a secret entrance! You can hang out with people on the rooftop and do two things.
First, if you click the book on the table, a dialog box pops up, asking if you want to redeem your Donorschoose.org gift card, which you receive when buying the $10 Virtual Ride Game Cards at BABW in the U.S.
Second, the exit is one of the coolest features I’ve seen… You use the firepole to drop down into the Bear Boutique! You can see the girl circled in red about to head down the firepole.  I tried to get a picture of someone coming down the pole in the Bear Boutique, but they move too fast! Here’s a picture of someone just finishing their drop! PAWSOME!
Also, I took a quick look at http://www.buildabear.com for those that have been worried about not being near a Build-a-Bear Workshop for the virtual rides.  I have good news, the $10 Game Cards which earn you the virtual rides are available on Buildabear.Com!  They cost the same as buying them in-store and have free shipping! Right now they ship you a physical game card, but according to their site, you’ll have an option of e-mail delivery of the cards soon!

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