2008Nov 03

Bearville Insider Cancer Walk Biggest Yet — With Maxine!

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Yesterday’s cancer walk was unbearlievable, and we had a surprise guest — Maxine Clark herself!
The walk was organized by Tristan2Hip9, but there were so many people that walked, we had to break them into groups that some of our staff led around. People arrived over an hour early and Freya and Tristan2Hip9 started walking with groups early to keep people moving so new ones could start the walk! I’ll start with a picture of our gracious host, Tristan2Hip9, in his brand-new tuxedo and Turkey Hat!
Tristan2hip9 cancer walk

There were hundreds upon hundreds of Bearville Insider members all over the Sunny Den, criss-crossing with other groups during the walk. Here’s the beginning and end point of the walk, with me (JustinOuterspace) circled in blue, Freya circled in red, JessBearHug circled in pink and Auntbear circled in teal!
Bearville Insider Staff
When the groups would cross, there were over 100 people in the area and you could barely find your own avatar!
All of a sudden, during one of the routes, a special guest appeared in the neighborhood — MaxineClarkCEB! (Thanks to CutestKitten for this image!)
People crowded around her right away and she asked a few questions about the walk, you can see her asking "Are we ready?" in the picture below.
Maxine Clark CEB Bear
Most of the time, she was completely covered by all of the users! Here’s a picture of my friends list, showing 138 people in one area!!
Most of us expected to spend about an hour in Bearville, but ended up spending 3-4 hours walking around and meeting up with people! We hope everyone had a great time and want to thank Maxine for coming and giving the Heart Shaped Tote to the users who attended!
The entire staff at BearvilleInsider.Com also wants to thank all of you for attending and making it our biggest and most successful virtual walk yet!
For our next virtual walk, we’ll make early plans to anticipate the extreme number of users that we’re likely to have!

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