2008Nov 06

Bearville Insider Member Activates Hal & Holly Moose!

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One of our very own staff members from our BearvilleInsider.Com Forums, momma501, was the first member to activate and post pictures of the newest Furry Friends: Hal & Holly Moose!
You can see both Hal & Holly in her avatar’s backpacks! The girl is wearing Holly’s PSI, which is two pieces, the Holly Moose Bow and the Holly Moose Collar. The boy is wearing Hal’s PSI, Moose Antlers, which flash different-colored lights.

Also, with Holly, you get Holly-patterned wallpaper along with the two-piece PSI, even though it doesn’t show when you get the cubgratulations dialog.
With Hal, you get Christmas light-patterned wallpaper, along with the PSI.
Here they are both in their rooms with the wallpaper on the walls!
Cubgratulations to momma501 on her newest Furry Friends! They’re both beary cute and I can’t want to see more of them in Build-a-Bearville!

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    wow so that is how you get holly moose bow

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