2008Oct 03

BearvilleInsider News: We’ve got a new look!!

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Hey everyone! You may have noticed a really big change here at BearvilleInsider.Com: we have a whole new look!!
When I took ownership of the site, one of my most important tasks was to change the look of the site, as many of us on the staff had begun calling the previous style "wet newspaper".  Taking a cue from those references, I decided that we needed a fresh, furtastic look. With the help of fairlyoddmom, I coded this custom skin to reflect the fun, colorful nature of Bearville!
There are bound to be bugs everywhere in the new template, but I’ve been using it myself for over a week and most functions work as they should and it’s much more pleasing to the eye!
The old skin will be available for some time, though any new features and development will all be on this new skin!
If you can’t see the new skin, scroll down to the bottom of the forum and change the dropdown box from "applied" to "BI Default".
I hope you like it!

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