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BI Official Virtual Cancer Walk Today at 4pm!

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Our monthly virtual cancer walk is scheduled for today (Sunday, November 2nd) at 4pm! Your virtual host will be Tristan2Hip9 from our forum and he’s put together all the details for the virtual walk to support survivors of and those suffering from cancer.  Last month’s cancer walk was our biggest yet, and ChloeRocks attended and walked with our users in the September walk! We can’t guarantee she’ll be there this time, but you never know who you’ll see!
To be a virtual walker you’ll need to sign up for an account at www.buildabearville.com.  Membership is free.  Citizens create their own characters – called avatars – by choosing skin color, hair style and fashion style as well as bring your furry friend to life online.  Build-A-Bearville was created by Build-A-Bear Workshop, which sells customizable bears and other stuffed animals online and in stores.
Since Tristan is the organizer, I’ll let him take it from here by quoting his post in our forum.

I am very glad to be hosting the November cancer walk which will be held on November 2nd at 4:00 P.M. Eastern and will start at 4:15 P.M. Eastern. Click here for the Time Conversion Chart. Since The Bearville Insider has been open fur a while now i thought we should have the BIGGEST CANCER WALK YET!
So this month, you can wear anything that provides cancer. I am happy to say you can wear your wishbone necklace, cancer tee, use your emoticon of cancer sign, and even your Pudsey Bear Bandana. You can also wear many of the other cancer supporting colors.
I would like to say if anyone ever ever has had cancer in your family i am sorry fur your loss and i pray fur you/them. I too have lost someone because of cancer, my grandma. If any of you have had a loss because of cancer please have the chloe rocks gift flag in your hand.
Here is the route of the cancer walk of November, I have changed the route up alot so please look/follow me/the route so you know where your going when we start:
Server Canada
DEN Sunny
(red represents a pause in the walk)
1. Pawsitively Green Center
2. Furbulous Fashion District
3. Market Place
4. Pawforming Arts Center
5. Bear University
6. Sportsplex
7. Neighborhood
8. Paw Park
9. Friendship Forest Park
10. Friendship Forest Entrance
11. Path
12. Farm
13. Cave
14. Sunshine Shores Beach Cave
15. Sunshine Shores
16. Sunshine Shores Beach Cave
17. Cave
18. Meadow
19. Friendship Forest Park
20. Paw Park
21. Neighborhood
22. Town Square
23. Skate Park
24. Town Square
25. Pawforming Arts Center
26. Market Place
27. Inside Market Place
28. Market Place
29. Fashion District
30. Pawlette Coufur Boutique
31. Fashion District
32. Coffee Shop
33. Fashion District
34. Green Center
So i hope you will come to the BIGGEST CANCER WALK EVER! It will be a blast then after we can chat and talk. If you would like to talk about a person in your life who had cancer you can just tell me/pm me and i will have everyone listen up. If you would not like to that is ok but please come, this walk is going to be great. CU There!
November 2008 Cancer Walk Host

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