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Birthstones and Birth Flowers from the Fountain!

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Bearville Insider member JessieLuckyBear13  has come up with an interesting theory regarding the prized necklaces to be won each month by playing the Furtastic Fountain game in Townsquare.   She has been hard at work tracking monthly necklace gems and has come up with the following theory:

The necklaces from the fountain may be birthstones!

So far:

August – Peridot Necklace
September – Sapphire Pendant

If this is true, the October necklace is an Opal. That’s what Tessa’s mystery necklace looks like!
(see Furtastic Fountain Prizes, October Update October 1, 2008 home page article before this one).
AmieVerySweet looked up the prized fountain paintings and theorizes that they are the flowers of the months!
She posted "It is the same for the paintings. I just checked www.birth-flower.com and Poppies are one of the August birthflowers. Aster flowers are for September and the painting I got today is a Calendula which is for October."

What can we expect in the coming months?   The table below tells us, if these theories are indeed how the jewels and flowers are selected for monthly fountain prizes, and if the creators at Buildabear choose to continue this trend.
Month You Were Born Your Birthstone Your Birth Flower
January  Garnet  Carnation, Snowdrop
February  Amethyst  Violet, Iris
March  Aquamarine  Daffodil
April  Diamond  Sweet Pea, Daisy
May  Emerald  Lily of the Valley
June  Pearl  Rose
July  Ruby  Larkspur
August  Peridot  Poppy, Gladiolas
September  Sapphire  Aster, Morning Glory
October  Opal  Calendula/Marigold
November Topaz or Citrine  Chrysanthemum
December  Turquoise  Poinsettia, Narcissus

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