2008Nov 24

BREAKING NEWS: Instant Chat and New Bearville Homepage!

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It’s here! It’s here! Instant Chat is now available in Build-a-Bearville.  I only played with it for a quick minute to take pictures for this article, but it is a very responsive system — MUCH quicker than the safe chat menu.  It will take some getting used to but once we learn the phrases it is capable of, I think Bearville will once again become a fun, social place to talk to your friends about. Build-a-Bearville will hopefully no longer be such a quiet place! Let’s get talking everyone!!
For those of you having trouble seeing the Instant Chat feature, I had trouble when I logged in at first.  Make sure to go into your options and click "Change Chat" and make sure that "Safe Menu Chat" is selected in your options.  I logged out, then cleared my cache and logged back in and it was working!

In addition to the new Instant Chat feature, the options in the safe chat menu have been changed significantly, as well.  This is likely because you can say most of the other safe chat phrases in the new Instant Chat system!
Finally, the buildabearville.com homepage has changed and has a nice-looking scene from Bearville with ChloeRocks!

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