2008Sep 18

BREAKING NEWS: Jr. Cybearguide Hats, Test, Headquarters!!

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It’s the day that everyone has been waiting for…. The Jr. CybearGuide feature is now available in Bear Ville!! The site was down until about 8 AM Eastern time and when it came back up, there was a new room added to Bear University!
The star above the door gave it away as the new Jr. CybearGuide Headquarters, but I clicked it anyways!
You’ll notice quite a few people with the hats on all over Bearville!
It took me a few clicks to get into the classroom, but when I got in, I saw the quiz on the desk!
Just as I clicked the quiz, I had a series of flashbacks to these painful Calculus exams that I had to take in College… I recovered quickly and then saw the first page of the quiz! 
The quiz consists of 10 questions, and as far as I can tell, the quizzes are different for each person! Get them all right and you are granted access to the Jr. CybearGuide Headquarters!
For those who missed a question on the test (don’t be embarrassed, I did on one of my accounts!), or for those that are too new to Bearville to qualify for the test, here’s a screenshot of the inside of the Jr. CybearGuide Headquarters! So far, all you can do is read the CybearGuide manual, which gives you the Jr. CybearGuide Hat.
We know how excited everyone has been for this and we’re so happy that it’s finally here! Good luck!

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