2008Oct 15

BREAKING NEWS: New Costumes, Cake, Cauldron in Bearville!

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There a few new costumes available in the Bear Boutique.

For Character: A Grey Leopard Denim Set and a Girl Pirate Costume , White Strap Shoes, Grey Leopard Ballet Flats.

For Bears: A Girl Pirate Costume and a Pumpkin Costume, White Strap Shoes, Grey Leopard Ballet Flats, Grey Leopard Denim Top.

And in Paulette’s Coufur there are two new costumes. It says SuperHero Costume and Princess Costume but when purchased the SuperHero costume comes with a Wizard Hat and Grey Leopard glitter shoes and the Princess Costume comes with a Girl Pirate Skirt and Bumble Bee hat (antennae). I’m sure that’ll be fixed later today.

There is a new Kooky Spooky Cake and Cauldron to be bought in the Bear Stuff Store.
Thanks to AmandaBearLove for spotting a bouquet of flowers also in the Bear Stuff Store. She reports that they’re on the page before the cauldron and look so much nicer than the ones before!


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