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BREAKING NEWS: New Emoticon Code — Wii Emote!

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For those that aren’t aware, Build-a-Bear released a new video game for the Nintendo Wii on October 21st, A Friend Fur All Seasons.  A few of our forums users have purchased the game, but most are saving it for Christmas. One of our Build-a-Bearville forum members, cindyfullofhugs4, alerted us this morning that the game contains a universal code for an emoticon in Build-a-Bearville!
Build a Bearville Wii Emoticon
The new emoticon code has been verified as a universal code and is: 87J3 – 48YH – SPPZ

The new game is full of mini-games and looks to be quite fun and easy enough fur our younger members to enjoy! Here’s a couple of screenshots from the game.

Friends Fur All Seasons Screenshot
 Here’s what happens when you enter the code and the button for the emoticon is shown below.
Have fun flashing your new emoticon around Bearville!

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