2008Sep 17

BREAKING NEWS: New Fountain Prizes for September in Bear Ville!

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Along with the new Bearville Times and the announcement of the Jr. Cybearguides coming on Thursday, users all over Bearville have discovered that there are new prizes at the Furtastic Fountain!
As promised by the employees of Build-a-Bear, the new fountain prizes appeared today and we’ve got most of them shown below for you to see.  Please let us know if we’ve missed any!!

Cat Ears

Coonskin Cap

Dog Nose

Fake Mustache

Fright Wig

Sheriff Badge

Sherlock Holmes Hat


Martian Antenna


Sapphire Pendant

Wig With Curlers


Monsterfeet Slippers

Big Cartoon Gloves

Aster Painting

Manhole Cover

Maze Rug

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