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BREAKING NEWS: November 8th Hidden Gift, Location!

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 The second-to-last "8th of the month" hidden gift has been found and identified!
For those new to Build-a-Bearville, Build-a-Bear has been hiding an item on every 8th of the month in Bearville for just one day to celebrate 2008.  This month’s item is only available today and is the Potted Poppy Plant.  Make sure that you log in today and claim your gift, as it won’t be available tomorrow!
If you are having trouble finding the location of the gift, read the rest of the article for a description and picture of the location.

The Poppy Plant’s location is disguised at itself in the Recycling Center.  Just click on the Poppy Plant shown below circled in blue and you’ll get your free gift! Thanks to chibikay for finding it first!

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