2008Nov 05

BREAKING NEWS: Pawlette Elected Ambassador, North Pole Preview!

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Bearvillians have spoken, and they have spoken clearly — Pawlette Coufur has been elected Ambassador of Build-a-Bearville by winning the popular vote that was counted late last night.  It appears that poll workers all over Bearville worked to get all the votes counted and there was a celebration for Pawlette, judging by the streamers on the ground in the Town Square.  Here is a picture of the banner congratulating Pawlette.

No matter who you voted for, you should have a Bear Mail from ChloeRocks announcing Pawlette’s big win, containing the outfit promised by Pawlette’s platform.
Don’t forget to visit Pawlette to congratulate her on her win.  If you click on her in the Furbulous Fashion District, she will give you a Build-a-Bearville flag!
Finally, for those that didn’t vote, it appears that your voting ticket was automatically forfeited when the polls closed yesterday! Sorry to disappoint everyone but it doesn’t look like anyone got to keep them!
NOTE (11/6) — The above statement has turned out to be incorrect! Most got to keep the voting card if they didn’t vote! It’s now quite a rare item!!
Also, while I was in the Fashion District, I noticed that the leaderboard on the Theater has changed.  It now says that The Adventures of Hal & Holly Moose will be playing in the Theater with new episodes every Thursday through December 11th, so the first episode should air tomorrow.  
According to the Build-a-Bear Workshop quarterly conference call in October, each episode will be approximately 2 minutes long and there will be a total of 6 episodes to complete the story!
Last, but definitely not least, the Bearville Times has changed to reflect Pawlette’s win, and includes a preview picture of the train to the North Pole and the North Pole area that is being added to Bearville!

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