2008Sep 23

BREAKING NEWS: Vehicle Tab Added to Inventory Menu!

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More changes, can you believe it!! We seem to be seeing new things in Bearville every single day! One of our forum users, KelseyRocknRoll2, discovered something new today… A vehicle tab in the inventory menu! Everyone’s speculating what types of vehicles might be available and there’s also an idea that the new building in the Marketplace could be a car dealership.  What we can be sure of is that it will be some type of vehicle that you can own!
This must have been what Maxine was referring to when she said:
Stay tuned for so many more new features– a great Back to school season, special appearances, our jr. Cybearguide launch, more rooms, a new marketplace and some fun ways to get around the world too. 

See you in the neigh-bear-hood! 

Hugs to all, 



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