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Cancer Walk Saturday 4pm est

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Every month the members of BearvilleInsider have been organizing and participating in a Walk for Cancer throughout Buildabearville.com.  The goal of these walks is to come together and participate in a virtual care event for an express purpose.  I hope you join us and continue to volunteer as organizers or participants in these special events.

The objectives for our Virtual Walks for Cancer are threefold, as follows:

  • Raise awareness of cancer and its challenges.
  • Show support for cancer victims, survivors and families touched by this disease.
  • Allow BearvilleInsider.com community members the experience of organizing a Virtual Care event and inspire them to see how they can get involved and make a difference.   
Our BearvilleInsider September virtual Walk for Cancer is dedicated to Philip a little boy who passed away August 28th, after his 3 year and 8 month battle with cancer.  During his short life, he endured grueling surgeries, chemo and countless tests and yet his parents write, in his journal, how he remained a very happy, sweet and innocent child undeterred by all that was thrown at him.

I came to know Philips story as a member of WebkinzInsider.com  (WI) where he was adopted by the WI family.  Philip is the nephew of Legalcat, a member of WI.  I encourage you to read her post HERE to see how the community came together to support Philip and his family with the donations that WI set up and in sending gifts to Phillip’s webkinz account.  Legalcats WI post includes links to Philips caringbridge website,  the CBS Early Show and DoobiesDads raffle on WI.

The dress code for September is gold, signifying Childrens Cancers, or wear the new t-shirt from Hopeful Wishes Teddy II in the Friendship Forest Entrance! 

I sincerely hope you join us, below is the date, time, den and course for the September BI virtual Walk for Cancer throughout Build-A-Bearville.  To determine the time in other zones, click the time chart link here.

Saturday, September 27, at 4:00 pm eastern time

If a location is red that means we will stop so the rest can catch up and we can tell people around us about what we are doing, each stop will be about 2 minutes so we can keep moving.

Meet and Begin at Sweet Sierra Den, Pawsitively Green Center
 4:00 to 4:15 pm EST

1. Meet and Begin at Pawsitively Green Center 4:00 – 4:15 pm EST
2. 4:15 Start
3. > Fashion District,
4. > Pawforming Art Center,
5. > Bear University,
6. > Sportsplex,
7. > Neighborhood,
8. > Paw Park,
9. > Friendship Forest Park,
10. > Entrance,
11. > Path,
12. > Farm,
13. > Cave,
14. > Meadow,
15. > Friendship Forest Park,
16. > Paw Park,
17. > Neighborhood,
18. > Town Square,
19. > Pawforming Art Center,
20. > Fashion District,
21. > Pawsitively Green Center.

BearvilleInsider.com virtual Walks for Cancer started in June when our YellowRoseofTexas (BABV: MiriamStar) asked, Why can’t we have a cancer walk? It would be wonderful to show our support for all cancers.  We could wear different color t-shirts, like purple for ovarian cancer, blue for prostrate cancer, pink and gold and so forth.  Since then, our walks have been organized by members of BearvilleInsider, with staff assistance, to offer our members the experience of organizing such events.

The first June Walk for Cancer was organized by YellowRoseofTexas (BABV: MiriamStar).  The July Walk for Cancer was organized by EmilyRose (BABV: EmilyRose) and Kitten1462 (BABV: FrancescaBearPaw1) and the August Walk was organized by Joecool (BABV: JoeCool114).

To be a virtual walker you’ll need to sign up for an account at www.buildabearville.com.  Membership is free.  Citizens create their own characters – called avatars – by choosing skin color, hair style and fashion style as well as bring your furry friend to life online.  Build-A-Bearville was created by Build-A-Bear Workshop, which sells customizable bears and other stuffed animals online and in stores.
In the real world, with the help of Nikki’s Toolkit, children can learn how to start a fundraising project.  The following is an excerpt from the Build-A-Bear website click HERE
Build-A-Bear Workshop® and the Build-A-Bear Workshop Foundation are proud to support kids in their efforts to raise money for important causes.  Nikki’s Toolkit has just what you and your friends need to get started with your fundraising project!
Nikki was a special teen who loved teddy bears and she especially loved giving them away to others in need of a hug. Before she died of cancer Nikki wanted to do what she could to raise awareness about her disease in hopes of finding a cure. She inspired us to create this Toolkit so other kids can make a difference in their communities.
(reference:  http://www.buildabear.com/aboutus/community/nikki/toolkit/default.aspx)


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