2008Oct 15

ChloeRocks Interviews Alyson Stoner — Free Upside Down Move!

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As promised, The Chloe Show with ChloeRocks interviewing Alyson Stoner was put on-air today in Bearville.  I’ve never seen The Chloe Show before, but I was really impressed with the quality of the show created by Build-a-Bear! The interview focuses on Alyson’s most recent movie, Alice Upside Down, and tells us a bit about Alyson and who she is.
At the end of the 5 minute interview, Alyson gives everyone a gift: The Upside Down Move! It’s a really PAWsome move and you’ll only be able to get it by watching The Chloe Show, which runs until October 29th.
Upside Down Move
Here’s a picture of Alyson showing us all the move!
Alyson Stoner Upside Down

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  • http://buildabearville ajcinnamon446

    I ALWAYS wanted that move! never got it never will….. :( :(:(

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