2008Nov 05

EXCLUSIVE: 4 New Universal Holiday Bearville Codes!

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Earlier today, Freya wrote an article with an exclusive preview of the Bulld-a-Bear Workshop gift cards and holiday items. One of the members of our Bearville forum, KimmySuperbear1, posted 4 universal codes for Holiday items in Build-a-Bearville! We knew about three of them from Freya’s article: the sleigh, the snowglobe, and the silver & gold-wrapped present.  What we didn’t know about was the Dreidel!
Here’s a picture of all 4 items!
BABV Build a Bearville Holiday Codes
The codes are:
  • Sleigh9TWV-9J24-XTDK
  • Snow GlobeWS53-7VJ6-7Y33
  • Silve & Gold Wrapped Present - 5J48-25N7-96N6
  • Dreidel65YC-JB8S-3C42
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