2008Nov 15

EXCLUSIVE: 4 New Universal Picture Frame Codes!

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The picture frame codes are in! The codes in this article completes the entire set of Snowglobes, Figurines and Picture Frames! It has been beary exciting here at Bearville Insider over the past 3 days, as we’ve given all of you Insiders the exclusive scoop on no less than 15 new codes!!
Thank you to our BearvilleInsider.Com staff membears and PriscillaBallerina31 for purchasing these items and their generosity in sharing these codes with all of us! It really has been an amazing effort and demonstrates how much each and every one of them loves this community!
Time To Paws Frame – 368F-K6KM-4V53
Happy Bearthday Frame – 79T5-2N9G-9234
Pawfect Princess Frame – 6S87-223B-78H2
Be Beariffic Frame – 983W-9J9R-3H6Q
Once again, thank you to all of our staff members and PriscillaBallerina31 for their generosity and for making BearvilleInsider.Com the #1 source of everything Build-a-Bearville!

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