2008Nov 14

EXCLUSIVE: Baker’s Apron Set Mystery Solved — Sort of!

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We here at BearvilleInsider.Com have sort of solved the mystery of the Baker’s Apron Set! We have confirmed that the Baker’s Apron Set comes from a universal code that the staff has verified and tested.  The part that we haven’t solved yet, is where the code itself comes from!
Many users, along with BABV employees, have insisted that the Baker’s Apron Set is included in the Cake Decorating Kit from Williams-Sonoma.  Oddly, some of our users have purchased all the sets and have reported that the codes are the same Universal Code as the Bear Head Cake!
In any event, here’s the code for all of you to enjoy.  Start cooking in those kitchens, and don’t forget the BearvilleInsider is your #1 source for everything Bearville!
Baker’s Apron Set: RH7K-4X3W-88MG

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