2008Oct 31

EXCLUSIVE: BI Owner Previews Hoverboard, Propeller Hat!

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I just logged in to Bearville to check out the new Bearville Times and went to turn off my scooter so I could read it without getting all the friend requests and I saw this….
The wonderful people in Build-a-Bearville must have seen the last line of my previous article where I previewed the Motor Scooter, saying I was heading to a Build-a-Bear Workshop to get my hands on a Propeller Hat and a Hoverboard!

I could barely contain myself as I clicked on the Hoverboard and out of the inventory menu.  
There I was, ready to go! I zoomed all around Bearville at top speed, Town Square, Bear University, Paw Park and then I realized… I still had a Propeller Hat to try out!
I quickly clicked into the inventory menu, giddy with excitement again and I was ready to go again, making laps around Build-a-Bearville again!
Just as I assumed, both the Propeller Hat and Hoverboard move as fast as the Motor Scooter so, starting tomorrow, there’s going to be a lot of people zooming around Bearville… I really can’t wait!
Also, like the motor scooter, both of these look a little different when they are in action.  I took a couple of action shots and you can see how my feet are more aggressively placed on the hoverboard and how my legs kind of dangle behind me with the propeller hat!
I’ve still got some more playing around to do before I choose my favorite virtual ride and here’s where it stands now.  I’m kind of partial to the scooter, because it was the first one.  I really like the hoverboard because I was a skateboarder when I was younger and it reminds me of younger days.  Finally, the geek in me loves the propeller hat and I think it’s hilarious how my feet dangle when I float around on it.  So, there you have it, I love them all and can’t choose any of them to be my favorite.  Go figure!

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