2008Oct 29

EXCLUSIVE: BI Owner Previews Motor Scooter Early!!

by Justin · 2 comments

I logged on to Build-a-Bearville early this morning and found a furbulous surprise! Thanks to some wonderful people in Build-a-Bearville, yours truly was given access to a Motor Scooter a few days early in Bearville.  I must say, it is really PAWsome!!
For those that haven’t seen the motor scooter in action yet, it works just like the Segway HT that you may have seen in real life.  My character interacts with it in the same way that a human would interact with a real Segway: you can see me lean forward while it is moving and stand more upright to stop it!
The scooter is REALLY fast! I’m assuming that the Hoverboard and Propeller Hat move at the same speed as the scooter, which is twice as fast as normal walking speed — maybe faster! I won’t use the map nearly as much now that I have my scooter, since I can get from place to place so much more quickly!

Here’s a picture of the scooter in my inventory in the vehicle tab.
I tested the scooter out on a variety of terrain and you can use it anywhere that you can normally walk: in your condo, in the stores, outside, etc.
In my testing, I also discovered that you cannot send the Virtual Rides through Bear Mail or trade them. This is great news to parents who may have been worried about buying the $10 Virtual Ride, only to have their son or daughter accidentally trade or send the Virtual Ride away!
Even though I have been able to test the Motor Scooter a few days prior to the official release, I didn’t experience one bug or glitch! Everything worked perfectly! With my extensive experience in Webkinz World, no glitches on an innovative new item, especially before release, impressed me to no end!
I can promise that I’ll be one of the first people lined up at my local Build-a-Bear Workshop on November 1st — I still need a Hoverboard and a Propeller Hat!

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    cool.i have twelve rides

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    how do you get out of it i cant get out

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