2008Oct 01

Furtastic Fountain Prizes October Update

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Buildabearville Furtastic Fountain game prizes were updated today!  Play the Furtastic Fountain game once per day.  The game is in Townsquare.  Click on the gold coin on the fountain to start then toss three coins in the fountain.  There is no established pattern on how to win a virtual prize or varing amounts of bear bills.  Just keep playing everyday and eventually you’ll win!


Thanks to JessBearHug for putting the following list of prizes together and to all of you that contributed to the list and pictures of the items in the posts below!


Looks like we have 14 new prizes.  Great job everyone.


Pumpkin Beanbag Chair
Mummy Tomb – sarcophogi
Autum Leaves Wreath
Green Monster Feet
Pumpkin Hat
Autumn Flag
Pumpkin Tie
Spider Rug
Gorilla Feet (orange toe nails)
Candy Corn Hat
Egyptian Head Dress
Pizza Hat
Calendula Painting


Special thanks to JessBearhug, Chantellefurshion, Kattana12, EmilyRose, Abigailsosweet8, AmieVerySweet, RachelCurlyfur9, RainDancinBear, Kittycat9490, Amybearriliant, Tessa, Shyboy01 for pictures!

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