2008Nov 06

Hal & Holly Moose First Episode in the Theater!

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Along with Maxine’s interview on The Chloe Show, the first web episode of Hal & Holly Moose’s Uplifting Christmas Adventure is now available for viewing in the Theater in Bearville.  For those of you who are new to Build-a-Bearville, the Theater is located in the Furbulous Fashion District.  
Here’s a picture of part of the 2 minute episode, for those of you who are stuck at school or work, and can’t play in Build-a-Bearville!

When you get to the theater, just click on it and the following window will pop up.  It might be a bit confusing, but the new episode is the second one, highlighted in white in the picture below.
It may be grayed-out, like the preview selection in the image.  Just wait until the current showing is over and it will let you click on the episode and let you in to the theater.  Then, just take a seat!
I watched the movie with a couple of friends from BI who found me just before the movie started.  It was really a great episode, I plan to watch it a few more times and it was really fun using emoticons to laugh and celebrate the funny parts and cry in the sad parts! Thanks for the fun, everyone!

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