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It’s Election Day! Let’s Rock the Vote!

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The polls are open in Bearville today so be sure to cast your vote.  The voting booths are located outside of the library in Bear University.  Bearemy, Pawlette and Brown Sugar Bear have wrapped up their Ambassador campaigns and are anxiously awaiting the results of today’s crucial election to determine the future of Build-a-Bearville!
Read about their campaigns in our first article about the Ambassador election if you’re still not sure who to vote for.
Just click on the voting booth highlighted in blue above, in the Bear University area of Build-a-Bearville.

Your ballot will come up on the screen just like the picture below. 
Once you have cast your ballot, you will receive a "UR Vote Counts" tee for participating!
For those of you located in the United States that are of legal voting age, we encourage you to get out and vote today as well.  Every vote counts!
Also, a final note to this, users have noticed that if you vote, the voting card disappears from your inventory.  We’re not sure if those who didn’t vote get to keep the card after the election, just thought we’d keep you all informed if you wanted to try and keep the voting card!

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