2008Oct 23

Jr. Cyberguide Store Appears in Bearville, Scooter Spotted!

by Justin · 1 comment

For those of you who have passed the Jr. Cyberguide exam, head into the CybearGuide headquarters and check out the new store! Click on the computers in front of the fish tank, highlighted in green below!

There’s a few new items in the store, and it looks like many more different items are coming, judging by all of the tabs!
So far, we have a Tee Shirt, Tank Top, Shorts, Flip Flops and Shoes for clothing.
In addition, we have a Rug and Flag for decorating your house.
After I bought my stuff at the Jr. CyberGuide store, I headed to the Town Square and saw our moderator, Auntbear, all decked out in her new Jr. CybearGuide gear! I put mine on, along with a stylish afro and we danced for a bit! It was so much fun!!
One of our Bearville Insider forum users, MakalaSmiley11, spotted someone on a scooter in the Neighborhood this morning and grabbed a quick screenshot! It looks PAWSitively PAWsome!! I can’t wait until November 1st!

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  • irene

    how do I get a jr.cybearguide scooter?!?

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