2008Nov 23

Make and Play Kits with Virtual Gift Codes

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We have some exciting news for you here at Bearville Insider.  I went shopping at Kmart and what did I find?  Twelve (12) different Make And Play kits from Build-A-Bear Workshop!  Nine of the kits sell for 12.99 each and three of them include a house to decorate that sell for 19.99 each. 
The smaller kits are perfect for gift exchanges with school friends and you have your choice of 9 different furry friends to make (3 are shown below)!  Each of the smaller kits comes with a 7" furry friend front and back that gets sewed together using embroidery floss through pre-punched holes with a plastic safety needle.  Also included is the stuffing, a heart, an outfit with foam accessories and decorations. 

The three (3) different larger kits each have a bunch of stuff to play with along with a house to decorate like a princess house, a Christmas house or a store!  These items are also available to purchase online at Kmart.

Update:  Each of the larger kits at Kmart come with one 7" furry friend, an outfit and accessories shown in the pictures above.  I bought the playful puppy kit that comes with a playhouse, and snackstand and flag.  Above you can see the shopper kit comes with a scooter and so on.  I bought a kit from Target and it comes with two (2) furry friends to make with the playhouse but without the extra accessory, like scooter, snackstand or princess chair. 
The best news of all for you Build-a-Bearville fans is that each item comes with a code for a free virtual gift.  The Kmart kits’ code gets you a sewing machine and the Target kits’ code gets you a playhouse!!! 
The codes follow:
  • Sewing Machine – X9CN-QXF2-Y88Y
  • Playhouse – 23D2-DSCZ-C968
Remember where you heard it from:  Bearville Insider the #1 source for information about Build-a-Bearville!

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