2008Nov 06

Maxine on The Chloe Show — New Bell Ringing Move!

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Build-a-Bearville was updated at about 8:30 this morning and Maxine’s appearance on The Chloe Show was added! Maxine, the Founder and Chief Executive Bear of Build-a-Bear, gave a great interview, describing her job and the history of her founding of Build-a-Bear Workshop!
Maxine also talked about the new Chilly Cheeks Penguin and Hal & Holly Moose.  A preview of the Hal & Holly Moose movie was supposed to pop up, but a video of Corbin Bleu showed up instead.  I’m sure it’s something they’ll fix shortly!

Here are some pictures of Maxine and Chloe together during the interview, along with a picture of the dialog that awards you the new move!
I was thinking that the bell-ringing move might make a sound but, thank goodness for my sanity, it does not – Could you imagine the sound of 50+ Bearvillians ringing their bells all at once?

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