2008Dec 05

Moose Toboggan Ride!

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Sarahbear371 and Kurber alerted us yesterday that the Moose Toboggan game is now online in the North Pole at BuildABearville.com!
You can choose to be either Hal or Holly Moose and toboggan down a hill full of obstacles, avoid the snow drifts and trees and aim for the ice patches (they make you go faster!!) and the snow jumps. The faster your time, the more bear bills you get!
Be sure and check out the new game and let us know what you think!
Temp glitch:  The Bear Bills that you win at the end of the game is not what you actually receive.  For instance, instead of getting the 22 bear bills stated, you get 5 bear bills.  Hopefully, this will be corrected soon.  But have fun in the meanwhile! This is indeed a great game!

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