2008Sep 19

More Areas Discovered from September 18th Update!!

by Justin · 7 comments

As hard as we try, we can’t find everything that’s been added to Bearville in an update, and this most recent update is no exception! There was so BEARY much added that we missed quite a lot!
Thankfully, our very experienced forum members have been able to point most of the changes and additions out!
We’ll start with the Jr. CybearGuide additions.  There is a bulletin board in the CybearGuide Headquarters that you can post on and when you click any of the phone booths, you are whisked directly to CybearGuide HQ.  You can see the white "ring" around one of the booths below.
Next we have something that octobreana reported to the forum: "If you go to the forest near Word Fur The Birds game and walk into the open tree trunk you will find a PAWSOME surprise." A picture of the entrance she is referring to is shown below, the two links below it will take you to pictures of what is inside, but for those that want to see it for themselves, head to Bear Ville right away!
There’s another hidden area that was added to Bear Ville.  Haven’t you always wondered what’s on top of the coffee shop? Teddy/JanineAllHeart6 found a hidden entrance to get up there, just click in the area the is circled in red when you’re in Bearville and you’ll get a chance to see! Again, we have provided a link to what’s inside so we don’t spoil it for those who want to be surprised!



kelleysunshine made her own discovery about the new bath tub for sale at the Bear Stuff store.  Most of us (myself included) thought it was for decoration-only, but she discovered that clicking the pet in a room with the bathtub allows you to tell your pet to take a bath!



Rikeetikee was the first to discover a new lobby at the Bear News Network in Town Square.  Maybe there will be some more shows like the Chloe show?



Finally, Gia2Hip discovered a runway in the Build-a-Bear Workshop store.  I adopted my new Furry Friend "Cheeter" the Cheetah to see what happens on the runway.  When you adopt a new friend, he comes out of the curtains, running toward you, stops for a second and then leaps over you and straight into your backpack!!


We’re sure there are more items that no one has discovered yet, this was quite an update to Bear Ville!

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  • Timothyfluffyfriend1

    I know another secret click the trampoline in town square! Really you go to a secret place and I know the secret cofee shop and the treehouse it is simple to find. :)

  • Princessissy77

    I dnt think you guys have updated this web for a long time!! Ha ha, sorry. There is more secret areas like on top of Bear Furniture, and more you’ll have 2 find out k? k!

  • emily

    in the water under the light house click on the tresaure chest

  • Ahbunnybaby

    in the performing arts center if you click on the paw print on the balcony it leads to a secret room.

  • emily holmes


  • CrystalVanilla372

    It’s cool

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