2008Nov 20

New Bearville Times — Instant Chat, Chloe Show, Tree House!

by Justin · 4 comments

 A new Bearville Times has arrived in Build-a-Bearville and there’s some very interesting and much-anticipated information in it! Thanks to CutestKitten for being the first to let us know about the new issue!
First, the announcement that is likely to receive the most attention on Bearville Insider: Instant Chat is coming to Build-a-Bearville! Ever since the free chat was removed from Bearville, users have been frustrated with the slowness of Safe Chat and the inability to express themselves in Bearville.  We all hope that instant chat will be the solution to these frustrations, while keeping everything safe for everyone!
With the opening of the North Pole area and the Train to the North Pole just one week away, on November 27th, ChloeRocks will be hosting The Chloe Show on location in the North Pole. Somehow, she’s going to be interviewing a moose! Don’t forget, there’s a free gift for watching!
Finally, we noticed that there was a question about the location of the secret tree house.  We wanted to point out the location of the tree house and the secret coffee shop rooftop for those of you who hadn’t found them yet.  Thanks to octobreana and Teddy/JanineAllHeart6 back in September for finding the entrances to the secret Bearville locations!

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  • http://buildabearville abby

    we need more rides like bearcub ride or lolipop ride
    from abbysoccerbear400

  • http://buildabearville abby

    we need more rides we need a lolipop ride a bear ride or bunny ride what do u think ?all our rides are boring when i get credits no new rides

    from abbysoccerbear400

  • http://buildabearville abby

    please get new rides


  • ajsoccerbear1350

    i was at a bunch of cub condo houses and in the backyard they had treehouses and or tents that you could go inside and put furniture in. How do you get one of those????????

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