2008Oct 16

New Bearville Times — Virtual Rides Coming Soon!

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It’s October 16th, so the new Bearville Times has just hit the virtual news stands in Bearville, check your PDAs for to see the new information first hand!
  • Starting October 22,  we will be able to buy a new room at the Lumbear Yard — We finally get an attic to add to our Condo!
  • October 22 also marks the beginning of the election campaign where we get to choose the new Ambassador of BABV — Our choices will be: Bearemy, Pawlette Coufur and Brown Sugar Puppy.
    • Pick up your Voter Registration Card at the Libeary from October 22 and then November 4 we head to the polls, just like the adults do in the USA! How exciting!
  • According to the Bearville Times, we also have three new furry friends to look forward to in November.
    • The Turkey arrives November 1 and his PSI is the Turkey Balloons.
    • Hal Moose arrives November 6 and his PSI is Antlers.
    • Holly Moose also arrives November 6 and her PSI is a Necklace. 
  • The Theater in Fashion District will officially open on November 1 and there will be a special sneak preview of the holiday adventures of Hal and Holly Moose. 
Here’s a few pictures of the 3 new furry friends, aren’t they PAWsome?

Click the image to open in full size.

Now on to the most exciting news, the virtual rides are coming soon!!
As Justin predicted about a month ago, the first virtual rides will be a hoverboard and a propeller hat, and now we have word of a scooter, as well! It appears that you will have to buy these virtual rides in your local Build-a-Bear Workshops and activated them online.  They’ll come with 10,000 Bear Bills and you can choose whatever virtual ride you want when activating it.  The entire staff here is extremely excited to hear that they’re just around the corner!!
Chloe on Hoverboard
 Here are some better pictures of the new rides that you can only partially see in the Bearville Times!
Bearville Hoverboard
Propeller Hat
Bearville Propeller Hat
Bearville Scooter

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