2008Oct 27

New Furniture, Clothing, Wizard Costume in Bearville!

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Even though it isn’t Wednesday, there were a few updates to the stores around Bearville! We’ll start with Pawlette Coufur’s Boutique, which has the new Wizard costume.
At this time, the Wizard costume gives you a Princess Hat and White Strap Shoes, but we’re sure that this will be corrected shortly.

Most of the new stuff is in the Bear Boutique, with furniture and clothing:
I’m pretty sure the "Witch Head" for your Furry Friend is a glitch in the naming and will be re-named to "Witch Hat" the next time the store is updated, but I think it’s kinda funny for now!  
Finally, the Bear Stuff store has a new Halloween Banner and a Cornstalk for you to decorate your condo.
This isn’t a HUGE update, but it’s nice to log in on Monday morning and be surprised with unexpected new items!

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