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New Furtastic Fountain Items for November!

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When I logged in and played my daily Furtastic Fountain, I noticed that I’d received a prize that I hadn’t seen before, so that could mean only one thing: new prizes for the fountain! I’ve been collecting images for the past few hours, thanks to some helpful users in our forum – BeccaOBeary, LindaFriendly, kitten1462, BriannaBallet, and many others!
November Bearville Furtastic Fountain Items

There are 16 items in the Furtastic Fountain this month! They are: Fire Hydrant, Banjo, Oven Mitt, Derby Hat, Mum Poster, Apple Hat, Aviator Hat, Vintage Lamp, Engineer Hat, Snow Shovel, Pumpkin Pie Slice, Milkshake Maker, Snowflake Pendant, Citrine Pendant, Box of Donuts, and Model Airplane.
Now, an interesting note to add to this.  You may recall an article that Freya wrote at the beginning of October where JessieLuckyBear13 had predicted the Fountain Pendant and Poster Prizes based on Flowers and Gems of the Month! If you take a look back at the article, you’ll see she was correct, predicting the Citrine Pendant and Chrysanthemum poster! Great work! It looks like we’ll have a Turquoise Pendant and Poinsettia Poster for December!

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