2008Sep 18

New Items in Bear Stuff, PC Boutique, Bear Boutique, and Lumberyard!

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Yesterday, we showed you all of the new prizes for the Furtastic Fountain game, and today we’ve got the Jr. CyberGuide announcement, along with a whole bunch of new items on store shelves in Bear Ville! We’ve tried to gather them all together and hope we’ve got them!
We’ll start with the items added to the Bear Boutique! 8 new items have been added and they are shown below.
Next we move to Pawlette Coufur’s Boutique, which has 10 new items… I know my character looks funny in a skirt, right?!
Then we have the Bear Stuff store, which had the most items of all added to it with 15 new items!
Finally, the Lumbear Yard now stocks carpets and wallpaper.  There are 4 wallpapers and 3 carpets.  You only need to buy one to use them on any (or all) of the rooms in your house.  Once you get to your home, you can change the color of the wallpaper or flooring as you go!

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