2008Dec 01

North Pole Tree Lighting Dec 5th and New Fountain Prizes

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 Be sure to visit the North Pole on December 5th for the Tree Lighting Ceremony!  Who knows what other surprises lie in store as well!  Today also marks the start of new prizes in the Fountain – DiegoHeart is wearing a Kwanzaa Cap.  Reports of fruitcake, stocking caps, bells, snowmen, and a blue topaz necklace have been coming in, so stop by the Fountain to see what you get!  
December Fountain Prizes so far include an Ice Couch, an Ornament Display, a Silver Bell, a Stocking Cap, an Ice Bear Sculpture, Holiday Bells, a Snowman Cookie Jar, a Kwanzaa Cap, Fruitcake, a Narcissus poster, Hot Chocolate, a Blue Lamp, a Heart-Shaped Ice Sculpture, a Snow Poster, an Ice Chair, Snowflake Hat and a Blue Topaz Pendant.  Thank you to FairlyOddMom, AmandaBearLove, Webfamily, Meremilo, Steven_Tseng, Qball72, TessaSweet, BellaXubearant, JesusNJonasBrothers4Life, LeonBearyCool, FrogsPajamas and SarahBear371 for the images.  There are two seperate posters, thank you to MRussell for pointing that out.  One is listed as Snowy Poster, the other is Mountain Poster.

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