2008Oct 31

November 1st Bearville Times Comes A Day Early!

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The November 1st Bearville times is already out today and there’s a bunch of interesting stories in it that you’ll surely want to know about! With all the new stuff being introduced on November 1st, there’s a lot to talk about! 
Of course, the most anticipated items to be released at Build-a-Bear Workshops are the Virtual Ride Cards, which are due to be released tomorrow, November 1st! Details are published in the Bearville Times: the cards will cost $10, or £8, and you will get a card that is good for 10,000 Bear Bills and your choice of a virtual ride. In addition, if you’re in the US, you get a free $10 DonorsChoose.org GivingCard to donate money to school projects! Way to go BABW!!

Next, take a look at Hal & Holly Moose! They are two of the 3 Holiday Build-a-Bears and you can see that Hal Moose comes with Antlers that your character can wear and Holly Moose comes with a necklace for your character!
The official release of the Turkey is tomorrow, so to celebrate this, Build-a-Bearville will have a wild turkey running around in Friendship Forest, giving out free prizes!
The theater is going to be opening to the public tomorrow, November 1st, with a preview of Hal & Holly Moose’s Uplifting Christmas Adventure.  If you want to see the inside of the theater, we posted a picture of it last week!
Finally, there’s going to be a new Chloe Show on November 6th and the guest isn’t a mystery this time around.  It’s none other than Maxine Clark, Founder and Chief Executive Bear of Build-a-Bear Workshop! We can’t wait to see what Mamabear will say during her interview with ChloeRocks!

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