2008Nov 13

November Paws Fur Nature — The Moose Issue!

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Bearville Insider member Kitten1462 had posted an interesting theory about the Paws for Nature magazine: For every Paws Fur Nature magazine they make, they make that Buildabear!

Kitten1462 summarized in our Bearville Insider Forum that the first magazine featured a Zebra, the second publication featured a Tiger and the third featured a Penguin. Each new Paws Fur Nature magazine did indeed coincide with the launch of new Zebra, Tiger and Penguin buildabears! As mentioned in Justin‘s October article Starlayodelbear posted a tip about that month’s launch of the Chilly Cheeks Penguin.

We’ve all been waiting to see what this month’s Paws Fur Nature magazine would feature! It looks like Kitten1462′s theory holds true, the November Paws Fur Nature magazine features a Moose to coincide with the launch of Hal and Holly Moose!!


Thanks to Bearville Insider member leanneluckybear8, we learned that the new Paws Fur Nature magazine is out today and is all about the moose and, by passing the quiz at the end, you get a Moose Crossing sign!
Here’s a picture of the moose crossing sign in front of my Cub Condo! It’s perfect for the Holly Moose I just added to my account, now she can cross the street without worrying!

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