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It’s official, the new Arts Center has been redesigned to look like a Hannah Montana stage! The Hannah Bear is there and Addball1516 reports clicking on the Hannah Bear will get you the Groove dance move!

The New Dance Sequence Move is working, click on the gold star! You can save more than one!



The following article is written by EmilyRose:

A few weeks ago, a purple sign appeared in the neighborhood and several various places around Build a Bear Ville. The mysterious proclamation, announced that on September 1st, you can put on your own rockin’ dance show at the Pawforming Arts Center! Rumor was that the theater would be redone in a Hannah Montana theme. Early this morning, Freya posted a picture of the newly remodeled stage. It was indeed redone in the Hannah Montana style complete with guitars, a drum set, and the Hannah Montana Bear! 

Addball1516 got a new move when she clicked on the bear! The hot-off-the-press edition of the Furry Newsflash said that we can get a new gift each week! Although the “Groove” is still not working for some, the Move Sequencer has returned! It is now being called Build a Dance and is fully functional for most people. You can program which dances you want to do in a sequence, and then preview before you are done!

Today, Build a Bear Ville’s servers were up and running, and very busy! Almost all of the servers were full! This was because of the numerous Maxine CEB and Chloe Rocks sightings! In previous meetings Maxine had revealed some information about the next gift she would be handing out! She said that this gift would be enjoyed by both boys and girls. Bloggers guessed and guessed but MelindaSnowflake2′s first guess was correct! Maxine’s new gift is a blue Bear Head Watch! As usual, people flocked around Maxine begging her to add them. After a while Maxine left and Chloe Rocks came on the scene!

She too had a new gift, this time for Back to School! Chloe talked about going to school and that she thought the new Book Strap would be handy. She visited various places in Build A Bear Ville, and also visited the Chloe Show! Chloe promised new episodes and interviews soon to come. 

Before leaving, ChloeRocks excused herself while she had a “conversation” to Maxine on her cell phone. She typed her conversation so we could “hear it.” From what I heard, Maxine, Bearemy and gang were going to have a Barbecue at Maxine’s house tonight! 

JailynVolleyball shared that JaoCybearguide hinted at new Fountain Prizes tomorrow! Who knows!! We will have to wait and see!

This has been an exciting busy day for Bearville Insiders, and especially for the technical master minds of BABV! Thanks to everyone who pointed out new editions! 

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