2009Apr 07

New Green Paw Prints Quest!!

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 There is a new Quest in BABV!  Be sure to read your Bearville Times to learn how to start the quest. This adventure will take you all around BABV, getting some furbulous prizes along the way and meeting a new character to BABV – Miguel Sunshine (he is in the libeary in the quest).  You will get two prizes here :)


During the quest, you must find the key to the Recycling Center, but be careful – there are many green keys hidden around BABV and only one will open the Recycling Center. The keys are also a bright green color and may be hard to distinguish from the background, so look very closely!!  After you find the correct key, you will be able to enter the Recycling Center – click on the compost bin to find out the next part of the mission!!


The next part of the mission, you will try to find the animal that is making the Green Paw Prints – and once that mission is complete – you will get three more prizes!!  Our members are currently hot on the trail of this quest :)  Best of luck to you all!!  I won’t reveal the prizes here – but they are furbulous!! If you would like some help with the quest, please click here to visit Flappy9807/MilenaFlower‘s thread. 

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