2009Apr 24

Arbor Day Brings Gardening to BABV

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Arbor Day seems like the perfect day to introduce gardening to Buildabearville.  First off, make sure you visit Green Tracks at the Pawsitively Green Recycling Center to get free seeds that you can plant at your Cub Condo.
Then make sure you stop by the Lumbear Yard to purchase more seeds and gardening supplies to care for your new trees and plants.

  The Bearville Times then offers some tips when growing your garden.

  * Seeds are stored in "My Stuff" while tools are in the ??? section.
  * To plant your seeds, click on the seed in your furniture menu and place it on the
  * Click on the plant to see how its doing.  Make sure to check on it every day.
  * Use the watering can, trimmers, fly swater and fertilizer to help grow your
  * Tend to plants first whose health meters are orange.
  * Once your plant or tree is fully grown, you can harvest its fruits or veggies!

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