2009Apr 27

Details for Very Important Bear (VIP) Program!

by Justin · 10 comments

I contacted someone in Build-a-Bear corporate to get the details on the new VIB program that was referenced in the most recent Bearville Times in Build-a-Bearville.  Here is what she had to say!

The VIB Subscription will launch on 5/20 in Build-A-Bear Workshop stores and online at buildabear.com.  


With a membership, the user will get 5 Bearville Outfitters credits and 5,000 Bear Bills added to their account each month of their membership. PLUS, the ability to customize their backpack as many times as they want throughout their membership – a new function coming to Bearville!  


The pricing is below:



VIB Subscription – 3 mth



VIB Subscription – 6 mth



VIB Subscription – 12 mth


So the best deal for your money is a 12 month subscription! 


At the end of the year your account would have received 60 Bearville Outfitters credits and 60,000 Bear Bills!! That is lots of money to spend in the virtual stores!

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  • http://buildabearville lois

    buildabear is phenominal but i really want vip to go the the zoo

  • Girls dad

    pleeeeeeeeeease help , my girls want a membership

  • maria2hip623

    how do you become a member on Bearville.com? where do you go?

  • Amiss73

    im geting a membership

    • lupita

      how do you get it……………..?

  • Kristengraham11

    me to my son want to beeeee? one

  • roxy

    what is the benifit of becoming a vip on bearvill

  • 1Dlover2002

    i want to get the 12 monthns but my mum will sa noooooooooooo.

  • kyralove98

    i dont think there is such thing as a ”V.I.B” in bearville anymore.. is there?

  • Qaris

    me to i wish i could work there

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