2009May 12

Bearville Insider Member Discovers Odd Fruit Basket Behavior!

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Rosemarie704 from our Build-a-Bearville Forum discovered that her Flamingo Furry Friend appears to be eating from the harvested fruit baskets.  We’re not sure if it’s just a glitch, or a feature in Build-a-Bearville, but it looks like her Furry Friend has eaten some of the fruit.  The baskets can still be sold for 50 Bear Bills even though they are half-full or empty.  She has tried turning the basket and moving it and it still appears the same! Here’s her post on the forum:
I was just setting up a few baskets in a room and switched over to another room. and when i came back, some of my fruits and veggies were missing =0(. i’m not sure if it’s part of BABV’s plan for the baskets (if they plan on making the fruits and veggies eddible or perishable) or if it’s a glitch. i even mannaged to capture a picture of the baskets…
I wonder if our furry friends are eating the fruits and veggies we’re harvesting and leaving out. was just curious to see if it’s happening to anyone else too or if it’s just me. Pinky just loves all the veggies and fruits (she’s always throwing kisses at them, lol).

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