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Camp Happy Heart Returns!!!

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It’s here! It’s here! Camp Happy Heart 2009!  You won’t want to miss a thing so come join us on a quick tour…..
We’ll start off by boarding the train at the Station by Bear University.  All aboard!!
Once we reach the Waterfall Train Station hop on the Log Ride by clicking on it!
The Log Ride is a mini game, guide the ride with your arrow keys and ride the ramps and avoid the rocks.  This game is a lot of fun!  Click on Read More to finish the tour with us!

The log ride will take you right to the Camp Happy Heart 2009 camp site.  As Brown Sugar Puppy says "Sign up for camp by visiting (clicking on) Miquel Sunshine.  He’ll tell you if you’re on the Beary Blue Team or the Rockin’ Red Team!
Be sure and answer yes when he asks you if you want to do camp orientation, if you don’t have time come back later…….you’ll get your camp tee shirt after orientation.  Go Blue!  Go Red!!
After orientation your To Do list will appear, click on it for a list of the 3 daily challenges worth 25 points each for your team when you complete them.  Win an additional 25 points for completing all 3!!
As we learned from Miguel Sunshine during orientation, click on the Clip Board on the wall of the cabin to see the Camp Team Scores.
Stop and play a game of Marshmellow Roasting before crossing the bridge to get to Waterfall Lake.  At the Lake you can swim, play a game of Bearrific Burgers (click on the grill) or play a game of Campfire Challenge (click on the fire).
Feeling a bit nostalgic for last years’ campsite?  We have just the answer……….you can return to the Friendship Forest Park Entrance, the site that Camp Happy Heart was at last year, by hopping on the canoe to take a quick ride there!
This ends our tour of Camp Happy Heart 2009.  Stay tuned for more exciting news as we follow the Team competitions!  Go Rockin’ Red!

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