2009Jul 12

Prizes: Camp Happy Heart!

by Justin · 7 comments

What does the Camp Happy Heart winning team get as a prize?  Jbpuplver65, Supersleuth Investigator and Bearville Insider member has found the answer!! 
In his own words, "I have discovered the prizes for the winning team of Camp Happy Heart. They get a water themed emoticon, Camp Happy Heart themed swim cap, Camp Happy Heart themed kid pool, an animated campfire for their condo exterior. The runner up team wins the animated campfire for their condo exterior. I found this in the Terms and Conditions when you go to the clipboard and check the scores. At the top of the clip board it says Terms and Conditions. It is two pages and on the first page it explains the prizes. "
Have a fun time at Camp!


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  • http://bearville.com jenirocker6

    i didn t get a blue slide can i get one please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • jojobeardiva11

      sorry i didnt get 1 either

  • jojobeardiva11

    Cool Prizes! But im on team berries and ill never win! :(

  • michellebearhero3

    well, don’t feel down if u r on team berries :) just try ur best! u can do it!

  • abbigailcapricorn16

    I’ll never win, but go team berries nevertheless!

  • Jennifer

    WAAH! All i had was the fireplace! I just wish to have the water slide!
    it looks soooooo coool! I need it! JK my sis has it because she is in team cookie dough!

  • abby

    ok i think is so fucking fun

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